Foods You Should Avoid: The Most Inflammatory Foods 4

Inflammation is not always a bad thing. It is our body’s immune system response to fight off bacteria and heals wounds. Anything that irritates the body will cause inflammation in our body’s attempt to heal itself. Inflammation becomes a problem when it turns chronic. This means it lasts for months […]

Why Do We Eat Food? – The Psychology of Eating

It’s been a hectic day. You’ve been running from appointment to appointment, the phone keeps ringing and the work just keeps piling on. Your lunch plans went to crap and you had to just “wing it.” You’re tired and hungry but relief is in sight… you are finally driving home. […]

Coconut Oil: Analyzing the Research on its Health Benefits

One of the media’s darlings over the past few years has been coconut oil. It’s been called everything from the next great superfood to a cure-all for a host of diseases. Even with all the potential benefits, the medical community still remains skeptical about coconut oil because of it’s high […]

The 14 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2015 7

I first started working out in high school. One of the football coaches was there after school every day and we would work out. There were about 5 of us that would show up every day and he would tell us what exercises we needed to do. The only thing […]

The All Meat Diet – Is it a Healthy Eating Plan?

I grew up in an era when the Four Basic Food Groups was the norm that was taught in schools. There was the fruit and vegetable group, the dairy group, the meat group and the bread and cereal group. We were supposed to make sure that we ate fruits from […]

Best Supplements of 2015

The supplement industry is huge. People literally spend billions of dollars looking for quick and easy results in a bottle. Many are looking for a way to get in shape without putting in any work. Just the other day some dude came up to me while I was working out […]