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I want to welcome you to Muscle Building Foods Headquarters.

I appreciate you stopping by. I am here to guide you through your fitness and life journey. I have made many mistakes along the way so let me educate you so you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

My goal is to provide valuable information for everyone regardless of experience level. I want this site to provide value to someone who hasn’t worked out before as well as gym rats.

If you want to start improving yourself by eating healthy and exercising, you’ve come to the right place.


Why Muscle Building Foods?


I believe that building muscle and strength are the key to being healthy.

People work out for many different reasons. Most goals fall into 3 broad categories; building muscle, burning fat and improving performance. Increasing the amount of muscle you have is the key to reaching all of these goals.

Getting the proper nutrition is the biggest factor in determining whether you build the muscle to reach your goal or not. I believe it is important to get the best possible foods, at the right time and in the right amounts.

Whether you are lifting heavy, moderate or light, I think it is necessary to have a kick butt workout every time you lift. I also think going heavy every once in a while is a good thing because increasing strength helps every health goal.

Rest and recovery is what brings it all together. The workouts will break down your body and let it know it needs to build itself back bigger and stronger. The nutrition provides the building material for your body to increase it’s muscle, but the rest is when the actual building takes place.


Where to go:

I write about all sorts of topics related to nutrition, workouts and anything else I find interesting about health. When I write I try to make it interesting for everyone regardless of what they want to accomplish, but some topics can be pretty specific and that can make it hard to find exactly what interests you. I’ve sorted them  into popular categories below.

Here are a few topics that you may find interesting:

  1. Burning Fat: Most clients I work with want to get lean. If this is you then you can start with a few of these articles:

How I lost 17 pounds in less than a month

How to Lose Weight Fast: The Best Diet Plans Reviewed

Facts about Insulin

The Best Exercises for Burning Fat

The Dangers of Too Much Sugar

Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load Food List

Top 10 Healthy Fast Food Options

2.       Building Muscle: If you are looking to put on size and look like the Incredible Hulk, the following articles can help:

7 Essential Muscle Building Tips

Best Bodybuilding Diet for Muscle Building

Top Muscle Building Vegan Food List


3.       Rest and Recovery: Sleep and recovery work is important for growth, healing and preventing injuries. Some people have a poor range of motion and should be starting with recovery work instead of lifting heavy.

Correct Your Body with Stretching

Getting in Shape With Stretching

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Muscle Growth

Stop the Pain: Dealing with Sports Injuries for Everyday Folks


4.       Increasing Performance: If you are looking to lift more, run faster or jump higher, it’s all about increasing your output. Here are a few articles that may help you:

Best Sports Drink for Recovery

Should I Use Free Weights or Machines?

Cardio Workout Routine Tips and Advice


5.       Supplementation: People love their supplements. Some are really good and some aren’t. Check out some articles with some evidence based research.

The Best Supplements of 2015

Finding and Making The Best Pre-Workout Powder

In-Depth Protein Powder Review

How fast does your protein work?


5. General Health: No matter what your goal is, here are a few things you’ll need to keep healthy.

Cholesterol: What you don’t know can hurt you

Get a good Sleep: the effects of Sleep Deprivation

Correct Your Muscle Imbalances with Stretching

Muscle Building Foods Headquarters is Not:

A place for BS. Everything I write about is either from personal experience or research. There is no bro-science here unless there is some evidence to back it up. I question everything, even things that I’ve heard for years. There are a lot of BS marketing schemes out there and I’ll do my best to help you separate what works and what is a waste of time.

For people looking for a quick fix: If you are looking for real, long-lasting results it will come from changing bad habits and creating a healthy lifestyle transformation. I am full in support of working hard toward getting what you want. Burning fat usually happens the quickest, but getting big and strong takes time.


Next Steps:

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And lastly, I want to hear from you. Let me know what is important to you and if there are any topics you want me to research. You can communicate with me on social media or through email. You can reach me at ‘paul at musclebuildingfoodshq dot com.’

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