5 Ways to Host a Healthy Dinner Party

Note: Another reader contacted me about writing an article for the site. The last contributed article generated a positive response so here is the second one. This one is about 5 Ways to Host a Healthy Dinner Party. I hope you enjoy this one as well. ~Paul   Dinner parties […]

Top 5 Spirulina Benefits

A few years ago if someone said spirulina I probably thought they were talking about an alcoholic drink that cowboys enjoyed in the Wild West. That changed when I wrote about spirulina a few months ago in one of my articles about the top protein sources for vegans. It intrigued […]

Quest Bar Review: Ranking Them All

In my last article, Quest bars were my top pick for the best protein/ nutrition bars. They are a good option if you are too busy to eat some real food. In one of my recent videos I took a bunch of them and reviewed almost every Quest bar flavor […]

Best Protein and Nutrition Bars Review

A while back I did a 3-part review of the best protein powders. It took a while to find the best powders because there were so many bad ones out there. I originally intended to immediately follow up that article with one about the best protein and nutrition bars, but […]

Top 8 High Sugar Foods that People Think are Healthy

Most people already know they should avoid sugar. Even with that knowledge, people still consume way too much sugar and the percentage of calories people get from sugar seems to be increasing. The effects of sugar are dangerous and can lead to many long-term health problems. When trying to get […]