Goji Berry Benefits: Separating Fact and Fiction

“Super foods” is one of the most used buzz-words today. It seems like any time a food has a lot of nutrients, people want to call it the next super food. Some of them are actually pretty great and others are… meh. Since there is no real definition to what […]

Sample Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Weight Gain

I’ve gotten a few emails recently from a few readers who want me to put together a menu for them to follow to build muscle. Since I’ve never really posted a sample meal plan before I thought it was about time to do so. I thought it would be a […]

The Top 6 Benefits of Hemp Seeds

The 6 Best Hemp Seed Benefits

Ah yes, another great “superfood” review where I separate fact and fiction. This time I’ll be reviewing hemp. Hemp has a weird stigma with it because of it’s relationship to marijuana. Hemp and marijuana come from the same Cannabis Sativa plant species but are different subspecies of the plant. The […]

New Year’s Resolution Tips for 2016

It’s another year in the books. 2015 has come and gone, and we still aren’t in flying around town in DeLoreans like in Back to the Future 2. Hover boards are here though, although they aren’t really hover boards, they are more like Segways without the handles. So with a […]

Bone Broth Benefits: Is the Hype Real? 1

Last week in the gym a few different clients started talking to me about bone broth. I have to admit, there wasn’t much I could say positive or negative about any potential Bone Broth Benefits. Growing up, my grandma and mom used to always make chicken soup when we got […]

Top 6 Essential Travel Workout Accessories

Top 6 Essential Travel Workout Accessories

Traveling and spending time in a hotel room can make it hard to stick to your normal workout routine. A travel workout can be hard to plan in advance. Some hotels have gyms and some don’t. In the ones that do, the equipment can vary from a piece of cardio […]