Sample Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Weight Gain


I’ve gotten a few emails recently from a few readers who want me to put together a menu for them to follow to build muscle. Since I’ve never really posted a sample meal plan before I thought it was about time to do so.

I thought it would be a good idea to also include a sample meal plan for people who want to lose weight, since that is what most of my clients want to do.

Because plans should be highly individualized, the portion sizes of these plans may be different than what would be optimal for you. The whole idea is to give you a starting point that you can change based on your own caloric needs.

I did not include any dairy in either of these plans because I know some people have a tough time with dairy.

I also did not include any shakes or bars because I try to get as much real food as possible. You can include them if you want, as long it doesn’t change your total calories or macros too much away from your target.



Weight Gain Sample Meal Plan

chicken-sweet-potatoFor the weight gain sample meal plan, I went with a somewhat traditional macronutrient ratio. High carb, moderate to high protein and low fat is most common for putting on size. I chose to include a little more fat and a little less carbs in this sample meal plan because that’s what I prefer, but feel free to experiment and see what works well for your body.

For the calories I chose to keep it around 2,700 because that is around where I should be, but you should adjust the portion sizes based on what your caloric needs are.

If you like a post-workout shake, you can replace one of the meals with that and you can add some fruit to balance out the carbs.

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Meal 1

Oatmeal (1cup)30010g6g54g8g2g
3 Whole Eggs21018g15g000
4 Medium Strawberries16004g1g2g

 Meal 2

Chicken Breast (6 oz.)15039g2g000
Quinoa (1 cup)44416g7g79g10g0
Spinach (1 cup)132g01g1g0

 Meal 3

Filet Mignon (6 oz.)45444g30g000
Brown Rice (1 cup)2185g2g46g4g0
Broccoli (1 cup)201g04g3g2g

Meal 4

Chicken Breast (6 oz.)15039g2g000
Small Baked Sweet Potato (150g)1363g0g31g5g10g
Steamed Asparagus (1 cup)313g06g3g0

Meal 5

Ground Beef 95/5 (6 oz.)30052g10g000
Brown Rice (1 cup)2185g2g46g4g0
Green/Red Peppers (1/2 cup)231g04g2g3g
Onions (1/2 cup)231g05g1g2g




Weight Loss Sample Meal Plan

salmon-mixed-greensFor weight loss, I think low- carb/ high- fat plans work best so that is what I chose for this sample.

Many people who try low-carb plans do them with high protein content, but they should be done with high fat and moderate protein and that is what I tried to do with this plan.

The total calories of this menu is close to 2,000 so keep that in mind when looking at the portion sizes. If you need a little less, decrease the food. If you need a few more calories, increase the portions.

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Meal 1 (Breakfast)

3 Whole Eggs21018g15g000
Spinach (1 cup)61g01g1g0
1/2 Medium Avocado1612g15g9g7g1g
Coconut Oil (2 Tbsp)260028g000

Meal 2 (Lunch)

Wild-Caught Salmon (6 oz.)33035g21g000
Mixed Greens (2 cup)151g03g2g1g
Olive Oil (1 Tbsp)120014g000
Balsamic Vinegar (2 Tbsp)30006g06g
Kalamata Olives (4 olives)4504g2g00

Meal 3 (Snack)

Almonds (1 oz., about 23 almonds)1686g13g6g3g1g

Meal 4 (Dinner)

Ribeye Steak (6 oz.)49336g39g000
Steamed Broccoli (1 cup)201g04g3g2g
Olive Oil (1 Tbsp)120014g000



Wrapping Up

Hopefully these sample meal plans give you an idea of where to start when creating your own customized menu plan.

Consistency is key when eating so match up your goals with how you eat and stick with it.

My Fitness Pal is a great app for your mobile device or computer to track your foods and is what I used for these calculations.